Take My Pound of Flesh and Sleep Well

by One Against Many

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released August 31, 2010

Recorded February/March 2010 at Sweatbox Studio in Austin, Texas

Noble Brown - Vocals
Billy Siẽrra-Lenhart - Drums
Darin Johnson - Guitar
Eric W. Gibson - Bass



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Track Name: Stabbed In The Back... Again
I felt the sting
It was a burning sensation that I couldn’t ignore
I tried to scream
But I was muted by the shock of being caught off guard
It left me weak
And the pain was unbearable I couldn’t endure it
It cut me deep
It caught me by surprise and then it sent me to the floor

And I never thought I’d be the victim
But I never saw it coming

I never wanted this
I thought that you would be above it
Track Name: Forced To Fight
Born into this world of hate
And I’ve tried to cope but I could not relate
I thought if I kept to myself
I could avoid all conflict
But it seems I’m always forced
Forced to struggle
Forced to fight just to maintain my peace of mind
I’m one against many
Against the wall and I’ve got no choice but to fight

Just to protect myself
Because I’ve no choice left

No one to help me
I’m on my own
No one to back me
I stand alone

So much to lose
Nothing to gain
Track Name: Civilized
Why am I biding time
Waiting for you to decide
If I'm a worthy or a worthless being
Hoping to be a part of your life

Don't talk to me about sacrifice
Because I opened my heart
And I let you inside
Don't say I'm unworthy
Because I've paid the price
I let myself go
And I gave you my life

And now
I'm not what I was
I lost everything
Became much less than human
I've sealed my fate

Handed you the rope
Gave you control
Left myself open
And gave up my soul
Track Name: From Monuments To Sand
The king is dead
And we’ve come to reclaim what was ours
Regain control of the lives we lead before he instilled
Fear in the masses of the lost and misguided who looked to him for help
And we must not live scared
He has been dethroned
He won’t rise again

There won’t be a rebirth
He will not return
He has been dethroned
He won’t rise again

Left in our wake
Remains of monuments reduced to sand
Of tyrants who once ruled this land with fear
They have been removed, cast out
And they won’t rise again

There won’t be a rebirth
He will not return
He has been dethroned
He won’t rise again
Track Name: Of This Hell
Work, eat, sleep
Repeat the process
Work, eat, sleep
There’s no way out…

…of this hell
I’ve condemned myself to
I’m in to deep
To claw my way out
I want this too end

If there’s another way
I hope to find it soon
Track Name: Salvation or Damnation
No more choices
Don’t want redemption
Kneeling and begging don’t need those options

I will not live in fear of the end of the world
I live in torment
My hell is here

No more choices
Don’t want forgiveness
Bowing and praying don’t need those options

I won’t follow a concept that’s been twisted and distorted
To frighten the masses and keep them in line

I won’t live a life that’s been governed by lies
Bowing and praying for the rest of my life

Given my situation
I could never feel it to be real
And if I’m offered salvation
I’ll turn and choose my own path